Friday, November 13, 2009

Part 1 - femanal conversation through women's society role

My name is Lihting, I was born in a small town of Taiwan (R.O.C.) in 1965, the youngest of five children. Both my parents moved from China to Taiwan right after WWII.
Since I was nine years old, I have dreamed about being an artist. I remember one day I saw some C├ęzanne paintings in one of my father’s magazines, I soon copied them with watercolor on papers. A love for art has ever since become my devotion. After receiving my BFA degree and teaching certificate from National Taiwan Normal University, I taught art in junior high school for three years and also served as an Art Education director of the thirteen junior high schools in my school district. In 1990 I received an opportunity to come to Ohio State to study American Language, so I quit my tenured teaching job and came to the US to pursuit my dream. Eventually I went on to receive art scholarships to finish both my MA degree in Computer Graphics and MFA degree in Painting in USA. For years I have worked as a computer artist, designer and art professor in both industrial and academic settings.
Currently, I am a full time professional artist with my own art studio in Michigan.
After I came to US, I start realizing women under tremendous pressure in this society. It seems to women have to struggle many different roles and wear many different hats to be so called equal. On the other hand, women here have very little help in their variety roles, they almost have to force themselves to be superwomen to survive. For almost 20 years to stay in America I have become such an independent superwoman, taking three young kids shopping grocery, fixing house, cooking meals, doing laundry at the same time managing my career. My Taiwanese male friends like to joke me as "fabulous American woman". In the society I came from women seem to only need to be intellectually equal but leaving all the physical hard labor to men. Women have their voice to be heard but men provide a shoulder for them to cry. Women can freely show their tenderness and men have a common understanding of their role to protect women. Women can be treated like ladies with respect without fighting arm and leg. However, I have learned here you either fight as tough as men to be treated equal or you are just to be considered as classic weak women could be ordered around. When I first realized how many old fashioned men are still rooted in their ways to view and think of women in many small towns of America, I have painted a series of painting to talk about the strong language of femanal conversation through women's society role. I have called on respect to women in this society. I believe love is all about respect among the mankind. Somewhere both men and women have lost their respect to each other in this society..... Men have been so insecured of their dominated role in this society especially the older ones, and women might also have lost their natural quality in such modern time. I often to be reminded the WWII poster how American women joining the force to involving in building weapons and cars. It is nice to see women finally get in the working force, however women still carry all the traditional domestic roles. The expectation for women in this society is suicidal for marriage. How can we build true respect towards women in American society and have a better understanding of their roles? How the money or capitalism actually play the role to contribute such disrespect? I wonder.....

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