Thursday, December 23, 2010

Journey in Life

by Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa

I started with five canvases and painted them all in washed yellow background.... I looked at each of them with many long hours until we come to the common understanding of each journey...

Journey in Life - Mystery

Journey in Life - Courage

Journey in Life - Celebration

Journey in Life - Curiosity

Journey in Life - Two of Us

One day while in church, I listened to Father Loren give a homily on the “Journey in Life”. The homily centered on one’s journey in life and the understanding and acceptance of the full experience of good and bad; without sorrow we would not fully understand joy, and without pain we would not fully understand happiness.
In the homily I caused a picture in my mind of people walking through a tunnel of trees, the tunnel of life. Sometimes the tunnel appears full of glamour and excitement, and at the other times it is full of sorrow and pain. Sometimes we all walk together, and sometimes a person has to walk alone until he reaches the end. I thought about King David talking about life in Psalms 103 “As for us, our life is like grass. We grow and flourish like a wild flower; then the wind blows on it, and it is gone – no one sees it again.” I cherish the many experiences that life has given me and wish to catch the experiences of life in colors.
When I started working on these five canvases, I thought about all my dear friends that have gone through the journey before me and all the young and energetic those come after me. We all have one thing in common - we are all walking through this journey in life.
The above five paintings are my depiction of the journey in life series; it will open public to preview locally from 12/21/2010 to 1/31/2011 at Café American, 1525 Washington St., Midland Town Center, Midland, Michigan (corner of Patrick Rd. and Washington St.) and will travel to New York City from 3/25/2011 to 3/27/2011 at Pier 94 on the Hudson River (between 55th St. and 12th Ave.) for the International Art Expo New York City, Solo Gallery.

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